“hell-bent” on following wedding rules and tradition. You value the meaningful experience over the glamour. You’ve carefully thought out a few meaningful personalized details of your wedding day but you don’t sweat the small stuff. You want to have fun with your closest friends and family. You're unique, and you’re looking for a wedding videographer that you feel comfortable with. You’re seeking to invest in someone who loves what they do.


and I have a feeling we could make a good team. I work hard to cut through the obvious “wedding cliches” and capture what makes your wedding story unique. The story that is centered on a down-to-earth vibe, and focused on genuine feelings of love. If our personalities seem to mesh, I would love to start a conversation!


an outdoor filmmaker. One day, a friend of mine enthusiastically shared with me a wedding film that she saw online. It was like nothing I had seen before. My idea of a wedding film was a stack of VHS tapes exhaustingly documenting the entire wedding day via a camcorder on a tripod. A film that very few people were anxious to watch, let alone devoting the next 4 hours to. In contrast, the film I was shown, was engaging! A synopsis of the day encapsulated in about 5 min, and even though I did not know the bride and groom, I felt somewhat connected to what the couple and their guests were feeling. At that moment I realized I needed to be part of making these films. Creating wedding films continues to be such a fulfilling experience. I’m genuinely happy knowing that I am able to craft a film that aids the bride and groom travel back in time to remember a such a monumental joy of life.


Twenty nine. (used to be twenty six which rhymed) Lover of mountain bike tricks, a fresh pair of kicks, and world traveling topics. Firmly against pre-made brownie mix, conflicts, overly planned picnics, and selfie sticks. Born in Ohio. Raised in Arizona. Lived in Colorado, Nevada, and Europe. Ted talk addict. Lover of a music. Horrible dancer. Occasional hacky-sacker. Huge fan of Top Gear (Original British one of course…) Dog person, but travel to much to have one. Off-roader. Appreciator of witticisms, but will still laugh at a dumb joke. Favorite Movie: Man from Uncle. Prefer cooking with house guests, rather than having it prepared prior. Loyal to downhill mountain biking, and powder snowboarding snobbery. Awkward in front of a camera, so have no fear, I know how it feels! Constant instigator of D&M’s (deep & meaningful conversations) Passionate about whole & organic foods. Minimalist. All around supporter of laughter, self improvement, dark chocolate, & positivity.


all over the United States for destination weddings and engagement video / photo shoots, but I split my time living in Durango, CO, and Lake Tahoe CA / NV. My eventual goal is to become a full time nomad, combining three of my favorite things in life… Traveling internationally, meeting awesome couples, and creating wedding films. To aid me in traveling around the SW, I’m currently in the process of building a Mercedes camper van! If you are interested in booking me for your special day, please use the contact form, and we’ll get to know one another!


Austin Hatala | Videographer

Personal Instagram: Instagram.com/austinhatala