Lindsay & Justin Wedding Day


Lindsay & Justin are awesome. Plain and simple. The most relaxed and low key people one could meet. I don't know many other couples that were willing and excited to ski and snowboard down the mountain in full wedding attire! The meaningful ceremony was held with 360 degree views at the top of Keystone resort. Immediately afterward we all strapped in and hit the slopes. Lindsay taunted me to follow her in the trees with 6k of camera equipment. "Keep up!" I think I heard at one point. It was a beautiful reception with people that all genuinely cared for Lindsay & Justin and travel great distances to do so. Lots of fun, lots of good times! I wish you two all the best in life together!  

Photography: Jared Gant

Wedding Planner: L Elizabeth Events:

Venue: Keystone Resort & Ranch

Hair & Makeup: Weemala

Florist: Honeycomb

Music / Band: Diamond Empire Band

Doc Film: