Telluride Unveiled | Recommended Wedding Planning


It doesn't happen often, but occasionally I cross paths with a wedding professional that stands out beyond normal. When this happens, I feel compelled to share my recommendation on the blog! Previously I recommended a photographer, but today I wanted to share an outstanding wedding planner! Queue the drum roll for Meehan Fee and her amazing Telluride Unveiled team. With almost two decades of experience Meehan makes the entire wedding planning experience enjoyable. In addition to my positive experiences working alongside Meehan, I continue to receive positive feedback from my clients that are using Telluride Unveiled.

I can vouch for the honesty of this statement on the Telluride website: "We are honored be your guide, advocate and friend throughout your planning process (and beyond!)… all the while creating memorable moments that you and your loved ones will never forget. We will bring your vision to a stunning reality, provide guidance, direction, laughs and support throughout the entire planning process. Each detail and every moment is meticulously considered in order to ensure that each moment of your wedding is unforgettable. "

Please consider Telluride Unveiled if you are looking for a enjoyable wedding planning process, and positive wedding day experience. The day flies by so fast! Being able to just focus on the people present at your wedding, instead of the timeline is worth so much!

I have worked with Meehan on several weddings, and look forward to many more in the future!  Check out the Telluride Unveiled website: