Emily & Brad Wedding Day


You know how we all instinctively know when a smile is genuine and when it is staged? I'm not exactly sure how we can immediately differentiate it, but when it's genuine, you just can't help but smile back. It's contagious. Emily and Brad had me and EVERYONE around them, smiling the entire day. I even noticed that I was smiling constantly while I was editing their film. ヅ  Apart from the beautiful wedding day, and deep love they have for each other, Emily & Brad picked a fantastic area to be wed. Just north of Nathrop, lies tremendous scenery full of lakes, valleys and endless forest. As you arrived outside of Nathrop the clay grey cliffs created an amazing backdrop to the venue. I genuinely wish Emily & Brad the very best in their life together, and I'm glad I was able to highlight their wedding day. All the best!

Wedding Coordinator: Aly Camerlo http://www.knotjustanotherwedding.com

Photography: Beth Johnston http://yellowfeatherphotography.com/

Venue: Mt Princeton Hot Springs Resort https://mtprinceton.com

Makeup Artists: H & CO Salon https://www.facebook.com/aluxesalon719/